LAM Brewing is a modern craft brewery based in Kennington, in Oxford UK., producing exceptional indie craft beer.

Who We Are

LAM has been producing beer since 2014, in small batches of bottle-conditioned ales and sold at farmers markets and a limited number of outlets. We have always aimed to grow and with our customers wanting more, we completed our new craft brewery in September 2016, which is a five-minute walk from the owner’s home. We are passionate about being part of our local area and linking in with our local communities in Sandford on Thames, Kennington and Oxford City. Partnerships are important to us and wherever possible we work alongside and support others in the creation of quality. Some of our hops go into Sandford Sourdough artisan bread and our grain is re-cycled to feed the pigs at Coopers Pork. LAM is a member of Good Food Oxford and the Oxford Brewers Alliance. LAM is a sponsor of the Oxford City Stars ice hockey team.

We have fun brewing and this, alongside our skill for innovation, is clear in the beer. We brew full-flavoured beers that we love drinking ourselves, fully believing in quality, not quantity. Our first brew of our flagship Happily NYK was produced at the new #bruhau5 in Kennington in September 2016 and is the leader of our core range of craft beer: Happily NYK (American IPA), Happily Indian Summer (session Pale Ale) and Rye Not (Rye IPA).

It is really important to us that our craft beer is of the highest quality. All our ingredients are first class and our products are made to high standards to ensure that the wonderful flavour shines through. We love our beers and we hope you do too.

Cans And Kegs

LAM is the first craft brewery in Oxford to produce all its beer in 330ml cans (for the public and shops) and 30 litre kegs (for pubs and restaurants). This is a very exciting development being based on very sound evidence and experience that our style of craft beer is best in these formats. It's not only good for the beer but has a lower impact on the environment as well


  • Cans are lighter in weight by up to 90% compared to bottles and are massively more fuel efficient to move than bottles.
  • Only 28% of glass bottles are recycled compared to 55% for cans. Beer bottles contain only 20-30% recycled glass in comparison to the average beer can that is made of 40% recycled aluminum. Recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions than manufacturing new aluminum.
  • Cans take less time in the fridge to chill than bottles.


  • Modern craft beer cans do not impart any taste to the beer, none whatsoever.
  • Craft beer tastes fresher in a can as oxygen and light are fully locked out of the can during the canning process. This leaves the beer as tasty as the day it leaves the brewery.


  • Cans are safer – they can be take anywhere without the concern for broken glass; the beach, the park, festivals etc.

LAM Brewing van - Oxford craft beer

Our History

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