LOVE LIFE – LONG LIVE THE HOP Firstly, thank you so much to all our customers who have tried LAM and joined us in our quest to increase the availability of excellent craft beer in Oxford and nearby. The residents of Kennington, the new cultural home of #OxfordCraftBeer, have been amazing in their welcome for us. Much appreciated and we’ve enjoyed starting being part of our new local community. 2016 has been an epic year for LAM – we always said we had a plan and would stick to it no-matter what. There were times in early 2016 when it was tempting to increase our size earlier than planned, but we stuck to our guns and it’s really paid off. In the early months, we started looking for premises in which to site our new full-sized brewery, in the move away from the 50L hobby-brew kit. Luck shone on us when Unit 68 came available on Sandford Lane Industrial Estate, just 5 minutes from home in Sandford on Thames, across the River Thames on the Kennington side. The lease was finalised in June and we moved in, gutting the building back to its shell, digging in new brewery drains, laying the floor, building offices, installing the cold room, and imagining where the bar would go. August saw the installation of the brewing kit and we were officially up and running in September (less than two years after the start-up of LAM’s home brew roots). Our first week was incredibly hot – can anyone remember the 30degree summer? – and since then it’s been like working in a fridge! Nearly four months in to the shiny new craft brewery, and we can say that we are very proud of our productions so far. We focussed on Happily NYK and Rye Not? at the start, keeping up the quality and consistency of our brews. Then we splashed out into the unknown, brewing Cloud Pleaser and Hoption 1 during December. By all accounts our lovely stuff has gone down well. The LAMbar opened for the first time a couple of weeks before Christmas and welcomed some of the guys from the industrial estate for a cheeky Friday after work tipple. All-in-all it’s been a mega-2016 for LAM and we are now ready for the future. 2017 has LAM dialled in to a number of firsts. Our next cheeky brew in the ‘one-off’ Hoption range is already in the fermenter – a 6%abv punch of a Transatlantic IPA with more hop varieties together than we have ever used before. We also have a stout of the chocolate oatmeal variety in the plan for a gorgeous velvety tongue experience. In the spring, we will see an updated version of Happily Indian Summer as our easy quaffing session, put into our trademark cans for the first time. Also appearing for the first time with be Lager.Than.Life. and a mind-blowing Dark IPA (Name TBC). Of course, our stunning Happily NYK and Rye Not? will continue along with a ramped-up Cloud Pleaser derivative. Amazing flavour-forward indie craft. What’s not to like? 2017 will see the availability of LAM take off into the stratosphere. We’re increasing the number of trendy craft pubs and bars and developing the craft experience offering; upping our brewery visits and LAMbar tippling alongside foodie mates on brewery events; we are moving into the restaurant field as well; and talking of ‘fields’ we’ll be at a number of festivals featured with partner-bars as well as the mobile LAMbar. 2017 will be magical, we promise.