If you think 2015 was a bumper year for LAM, just you wait for 2016

If you think 2015 was a bumper year for LAM, just you wait for 2016.  

2016 is the year of expansion for us.  We're getting bigger by the second, and we can see a 'waffer-thin mint' moment coming round the corner.  So damn excited to announce that our full-scale operation is still on track for this year.  From this you'll be able to get your hands on LAM at a proper shiney brewery, still local, just much much bigger.  We'll be ripping into the Oxford craft scene with some exciting real beers, a liitle different to what you've come to expect so far.  In fact you won't be able to ignore the 'cheeky chimp' as he'll be everywhere.

From next weekend, you're going to see LAM popping up in JD Wetherspoon in the Swan and Castle in Oxford's Castle Quarter.  The Swan and Castle will be the first JDW pub for us and a sound base to dive in from.  That'll be our first proper pub.  That alongside Oddbins Little Clarendon Street, Bitten Street, Aziz Restaurant, East Oxford Farmers Market, Sandford Talking Shop, North Parade Market in Oxford will push our capacity to the max for the time being - (until the big time later in the year).  We'll keep you posted. Keep a look out on Twitter as well as little 'leaks' will be sure to appear there.