Our core range of craft beer is available to purchase directly from the brewery and in a number of outlets. Please make contact with the brewery directly if you would like to purchase any of our 330ml cans. Trade enquiries - please call or email the brewery if you would like to stock our craft beer in 30 litre kegs or 330ml cans

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  1. Cloud Pleaser
    Cloud Pleaser
    A 4.1%abv Wheat Beer; a classic with a twist. Wonderful grapefruit embellished Bavarian style Wheat Beer. An easy drinking hazy refreshment – a pleasure of banana esters on the tastebuds.
  2. Cloud Pleaser - Oxford craft beer
    Hoption 1
    A 4.5%abv hoppy Pale Ale; a delightful limited edition hoppy Pale Ale laced with herbal undertones. Perfectly balanced light malts with an experimental blend of English and American hops. Drink it while you can.
  3. Rye Not
    Rye Not
    A 6.2%abv Rye IPA; indie craft beer with distinction. A sassy Rye IPA packing a punch through crisp slightly spicy notes. A colourful escapade bursting with clean citrus with an edge of rye malt.
  4. Happily NYK
    Happily NYK
    A 5.2%abv American IPA; mega-hopped to the hilt then hopped some more with US Cascade. The floral and citrus qualities of this flagship American IPA leave you floating in a dream of cascading aromas with warmth vibrating on your tongue.

4 Items

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